St. Vincent Ferrer An Educational Ministry of Saint Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church
A Member of the Diocese of Sacramento

Kindergarten Introduction

Our all-day Kindergarten program allows for a very rich, challenging and comprehensive curriculum. There is enough time for not only academic instruction, but also the equally important free play which promotes motor coordination, sharing and socialization.

Staff : Our Kindergarten is staffed by a fully-credentialed teacher and a full-time instructional aide.

Religion : In addition to learning many Bible stories, St. Vincent Ferrer School Kindergartners learn that God loves them. They learn basic prayers and present a special Kindergarten nativity pageant in December.

Reading : St. Vincent Ferrer School uses the phonics-based Kindergarten series programs.

Handwriting : The D’Nealian Method of handwriting is taught because it has proven most effective in the later transition to cursive.

Mathematics : Students will recognize and understand the numerals 1 to 20, learn about comparisons, the calendar, the clock, money, measurement, sets, and geometric shapes.

Free Play Time : Children play both indoors and outdoors, promoting motor coordination, imagination, fair play, sharing and sportsmanship.

Science : Students are introduced to plant and animal life through thematic learning activities.

Communication Skills/Drama : All Kindergarteners participate in both school and classroom drama productions . They also practice public speaking at the morning assemblies.

Music : In addition to responding to music through movement in the Kindergarten classroom, students also attend formal music classes taught by the choral director in the school’s music room.

Physical Education : Under the direction of the school’s full-time P.E. teacher, students attend regular physical education classes. They learn skills in games, team play and gross and fine motor coordination.

Art : To channel creative expression, children paint, draw and construct using line, color and form.

Library Time : To cultivate a love of reading, Kindergarteners are introduced to the library through story-time sessions with the school’s librarian. Children also check out and bring home books from the school library.