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Our all-day Kindergarten program allows for a very rich, challenging and comprehensive curriculum. There is enough time for not only academic instruction, but also the equally important free play which promotes motor coordination, sharing and socialization.

Core Curriculum :

Our Kindergarten program focuses on the development of the whole child. We utilize hands-on learning strategies to engage students. In addition to core curriculum areas we focus on the overall growth of the students. By incorporating play based activities students are able to grow in their social and emotional regulation skills.

Our core content includes Reading, Handwriting, Communication/Performance Skills, Mathematics, Science and History.

Additionally Kindergartners participate in Physical Education, Art, Music, and Library time.

(Grades 1-5)

Staff and Faculty :

St. Vincent Ferrer School has a core teacher for each of its grade levels, as well as an instructional aide.

Core Curriculum :

In grades One through Five, St. Vincent Ferrer School concentrates on providing students with the basic skills of reading, writing, grammar, spelling, mathematics, religion, science and social studies. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of knowledge and the development of learning skills. The school program follows the Diocesan Standards which meets the California Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Enriched Curriculum :

Students in grades One through Five have regular instruction in Spanish, Physical Education, computer, music and library.