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The SVF K-8 Spanish Program at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School Exceeds Expectations

At St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School, we take immense pride in the incredible achievements of our students in the Spanish program. With a rigorous curriculum and dedicated instruction beginning in Kindergarten, our program has been fostering bilingual excellence for many years. Our students' success is a testament to their hard work and the exceptional education they receive at SVF.

Student Achievements

Our students consistently demonstrate remarkable proficiency in Spanish by their middle school years, as evidenced by their outstanding academic performance:

  • 85% Average Group: Among the class of 2024, students have maintained an impressive 85% average in their Spanish classes. Several of these talented individuals have already taken the Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish test in high school and were placed in Spanish II as freshmen. This early advancement speaks volumes about their dedication and our program’s quality.
  • 95-100% Average Group: Among this year’s graduates a select group of students achieved an exceptional 95-100% average in their Spanish courses from kindergarten through middle school. Among them, some have taken the AP Spanish test and have been placed in Spanish II and Spanish Honors. Their achievements are truly inspiring and set a high standard for future students.

Long-Term Success

Our Spanish program’s success extends beyond middle school. Many of our alumni continue to excel in high school, with numerous juniors enrolled in AP Spanish. This progression underscores the strong foundation they receive at SVF, preparing them for advanced studies and bilingual proficiency.

Out of a class of 28, 13 students have reached these incredible milestones of advanced placements in their high school programs. Their achievements reflect not only their personal dedication but also the support and high-quality education provided by our school.

St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School continues to nurture young minds, preparing them for a bright future with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. In California, especially, being bilingual is not just an academic advantage; it's a crucial skill that opens doors to diverse cultural experiences and enhances career opportunities. We are proud of our students and look forward to seeing their continued accomplishments beyond graduation.

For more information about our Spanish program and other academic offerings, please schedule a tour and apply today.

¡Felicitaciones a nuestros estudiantes!